• Our priority is to ensure the health and well being of everyone. This is why we are filtering the entrance of our stores. Kindly respect the safety distance of 1m between customers and between customers and our staff.
  • Our stores are being supplied several times per week. Thus, no need to stockpile, buy reasonably.
  • As a safety measure, we advise you to pay with your credit cards.
  • We remind you that it is necessary to apply barrier gestures; notably to stay within a safety distance of 1m when waiting in line or at the aisle.
  • We inform you that we clean and disinfect our mats at our checkouts, credit card pin pads, our shopping carts and baskets regularly.
  • We have taken the appropriate measures to limit the propagation of the Covid-19 while maintaining a service that is as effective as possible.
  • We will limit one shopping cart per person.

The non-propagation of Covid-19 is Everyone’s responsibility

 We assure you that our staff will work to continuously provide the best service and we thank you for your loyalty.