Avantages Card U


Fidelity benefits simply at hand. You just need to fill a form in store or on our site. Go for it, it’s free!

Fidelity Points


Present your Card U (or the mini Card U) at the checkout operator before the scan of products. Points will be automatically credited in a single operation. You will collect: 


  •     Get 1 point for each Rs 10.


Special Gifts & Gifts Vouchers


You can exchange your accumulated points with our Special Gifts or Gifts Vouchers available at your Super U. Please bring along your Card U and your national identity card.


The Card U kit

The Card U kit contains: A mother card and a daughter card with the same barcode.


The mini card can be used as a spare card or given to a member of your family. Transactions of the 2 cards are combined into a “family” account thus facilitating the management of your points.