How to obtain the card U ?

Just fill in and give us the application form at our stores or on our website. Go for it! It’s free of charge.



Where can i use my card U ?

At Super U Grand Bay and Super U Belle Rose, Mauritius.


How to collect Fidelity Points ?

Present your Card U (or the mini Card U) at the checkout operator before the scan of products.


Points will be automatically credited in a single operation.


You will collect:


  •     Get 1 point for each Rs 10.

How to use my fidelity points ?

You can exchange your accumulated points with our Special Gifts or Gifts Vouchers available at your Super U. Please bring along your Card U and your national identity card.



Where to consult for my accumulated points ?

Consult your accumulated points:


  •     on your last sales check.
  •     on the website page Card U.


It refers to the points accumulated one day before. (D-Day-1)


What are the conditions of the card U ?

It is imperative to present your Card U (or the mini Card U) at the checkout operator before the scan of products.


The Card U is a personal to the holder of an account Card U.


For the exchange of points with Gifts or Gifts Vouchers, the Card U account holder must present his/her national identity card.


In case of fraud, error or misuse of the card, Super U will be entitled to stop it or deduct all points credited to the account.


To be at least 18 years old and possessing your National Identity Card.


Calculations of the points acquired upon purchase is made on the basis of net amount paid.


The balance of the card will be reset if it remains inactive for more than 6 months since the last transaction or the date of issue of the card.

Inform the welcoming desk in case of loss/theft. The card will be replaced free of charge for the first time but any additional replacement will be made against payment of Rs100.