Vision, Mission and Engagement



To be the preferred brand of Mauritians by our continual effort and excellence in our daily service.



We are a motivated and dynamic team with a passion to serve our clients.





Our engagement to bring good service, comfort, security and ease for shopping to clients.



Our engagement to be performant in the management of our enterprises.


Discount at heart

Our engagement to practice a policy for attractive prices.


Free Choice

Our engagement to bring freedom and easy choice to our clients.



Our engagement to desire to be the brand Leader or Co-leader in our zone.


Close to our clients

Our engagement to secure the loyalty of our clients with fidelity plans (Card U)


Close to our Country

Our engagement to be involved in the country, to participate in the local life and to be a role-player for the economical development of the country.


Close to our Products

Our engagement to:

- Love our job, our products and respect the offers set by our central.

- Choose our products skillfully.

- Watch and ensure its quality, its freshness and respect rules of security and hygiene.

- Pay particular attention to our MDD products on the shelves.


Close to our Team

Our engagement to develop with our collaborators the sense of adherence with the enterprise, with the brand and to have the spirit of ‘Nouveaux Commerçants’, which is always turned towards the client.



Our engagement to adapt to our market.



Our engagement to open to others, to be curious towards our competitors, to respect our colleagues and share for change.


Group Action

Our engagement to be close to our group.